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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: The Gospel of Mark Question 1 According to the words of Jesus recorded in Mark 8:31-33, it is evidently clear that Jesus believed that his fate was already sealed. In other words, he did not have the power to choose what he would have loved to happen in his life. In verse 31 of the same chapter, Jesus says that the Son of Man must undergo suffering and the elders must reject him"¦.and that he must be killed"¦ Question 2 Jesus thinks that the Hebrew have coined God's Laws to suite their selfish traditions and practices. Jesus does not condemn the law, but he rebukes those who hypocritically pretend to be following the law. This is recorded in Mark 7:6-13. In verse 10, Jesus refers to the Law of Moses that said, "Honor your father and mother." He points out that the Hebrew people have simply set the commands of God aside in order to observe their own tradition (verse 9). Question 3 Mark 4:1-20 The Parable of the Sower The parable of the sower talks about a farmer who went out to sow his seeds. In the process, some of the seed dropped along the path and the birds ate them. The second category of the seed fell on rock places that had little soil. These seeds sprang up quickly based on the little soil. Unfortunately, when the sun came up, these plants were scorched and withered, as they did not have deeper roots for the uptake of water. The other category of seeds is those that fell among the thorns. When these thorns grew up, they choked

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