Quotes In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Sandra Elie Wiesel was a twelve year old boy who just wanted to learn about ‘The secrets of the Jewish Mysticism, but ended up getting a world of hurt instead in the upcoming years of his life. In the beginning, Elie was just like any other religious boy who believed in god or whoever he prayed every night in the synagogue. He was a happy and safe young prodigy who focused on school; his parents ran a shop with his other siblings. Kids were running in the streets; life seemed normal and tranquil for a while, until it wasn’t any longer. Once the Germans came into their town, everything changed for Elie and his family. Throughout the book Night, Elie goes from being devout to being skeptical during his entire journey. The first event that occurred causing Elie to become more skeptical, was when the Germans established the ghettos in Sighet. They were able to live in their own house with the exception of their other relatives, which was in the first ghetto; but then the Jews got forced to move and live in another ghetto. Consequently, he lost all of their possessions and a bit of their freedom. Elie started to slowly lose his faith slowly, life for him was still good regardless of the germans using the Jews as slaves for the things they needed to get done. “Little by little life returned to normal”. This quote explains there were times where Elie got false hope about living situations and life would get better, that this currently was just a nightmare and only a nightmare;
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