Race And Crime Of The Criminal Justice System

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Race and Crime For hundreds of years’ race and crime in America has been an ongoing issue. Therefore, the criminal justice topic I am going to research throughout this paper will be regarding the different races and crimes that are most commonly committed and how each different race is treated in the criminal justice system also how they are each individually affected by the American justice system. I will discuss background information of each race as well as problems and issues they are currently facing today regarding the criminal justice system. In researching this issue, a there are a few key questions I intend on obtaining the best answer possible for such as; Why do certain races commit specific crimes? Has there been much …show more content…

Yes, white people sell drugs, buy drugs, commit crimes such as burglary, robbery, rape, and even murder as well as a lot of other things just as any other race is capable of and has done but the rampage killers that we often see in the news for things such as shooting up public places like schools and movie theatres are done by white people. The kinds of crimes white people commit that are highly publicized and are the ones that hurt many people at one time in one place. “Nearly everyone who has murdered a large number of people in one horrific event has been white. American bomber Timothy McVeigh took 168 lives at the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995, many of them preschoolers at day care, in the worst incident of domestic terrorism until 9/11. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, the Columbine high school killers, shot thirteen of their fellow high school students, then took their own lives in 1999. Adam Lanza killed his mother, then a class room full of six and seven-year-old’s and six school personnel before killing himself at Newtown Elementary school in Connecticut in 2012. Earlier that year James Holmes shot 2 movie goers in Aurora, Colorado. All these men are white, as is the case for virtually all

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