Race And Ethnicity : An Eye Opening Educational Experience

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Race and ethnicity have always been two words with great importance to people, but these terms and the topics they represent have been talked about by mass media much more frequently as of late due to the election. Personally, I am a white female who grew up in a predominately white area and went to elementary and middle school where there was not one person of color in my graduating class of about 80. In high school, I was exposed to more diversity but significantly and the percentage of whites in my graduating class was likely near ninety. Even with such little diversity growing up, I believe I was raised in a way to see human beings as human beings, and not for the color of their skin, where they are from, or what culture one may …show more content…

Most often it is the “white race” that has privilege and races with darker skin face different degrees of oppression. As mentioned before, I have done my best to maintain an understanding of basic human ethics and was raised with the belief that we are all equal. Even so, my background of not being exposed to a significant amount of diversity caused me to be nervous to take the IAT test on race. The test started by asking me to answer a few questions about myself including my gender, birthday and race. There were seven sections to the IAT testing and each had me associate something with either the “E” key or “I” key. Part one specified using “E” for light skinned people and “I” for dark skinned people and in part two, “E” was meant to associate with bad words and “I” with good words. Parts three and four were the same, including both light skinned and bad words for “E”, dark skinned and good words for “I”, but part five wanted me to click “E” for dark skinned people, “I” for light skinned. Finally, for parts six and seven the “E” key was for dark skinned people and for bad words and the “I” key was to be selected for light skinned people and good words. Images of cartoon like faces would appear and I would have to associate them with the proper key. Good and bad words were basic vocabulary such as happy and disgust. When an answer was wrong, a red

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