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A persons racial views stem from a cluster of many various opinions related to one’s culture, religion, gender, ethnic, and race. This mindset is built off of ones delusions because there is no such thing as a pure race. So by someone gathering a conclusion from any of these personal characteristics is just absurd. However, race and ethnicity are also ideologies. The shape ways of seeing and understanding the world around us. Race and ethnicity can deem you as one belonging to a group, or as an outsider,
Racism places a negative impact on society as a whole. One theoretical aspect involves both conflict functionalist, and the labeling approaching, when observing racism. Sociologist observe how each of these theoretical aspects play its …show more content…

This perspective takes on the conclusion that if any aspects of social life is deemed unwanted, then it is not passed on to the next generation. Most racist who carry on in this type of thinking belief that they are part of a superior race, and other races are deemed unworthy sharing the same rights. People who think like this use this theology as justification to why they contribute in their racist acts. This mindset reels them to unconsciously and subconsciously do horrid acts of discrimination in order to intimate others from challenging their superiority.
Lastly, the third theoretical aspect when it comes to racism is the Labeling Theory. This theory revolves around stereotypes. The definition for stereotypes can be noted as an unreliable generalizations about all members of a group without taking individual differences into account. The whole labeling theory is based on how certain people are viewed as deviant, while others who engage in the same behavior are not. An example would be a scenario when two people from two different social classes can commit the same act. One is severally punished for their actions, while the other receives little if no discipline for their actions.
This type of situation places a negative impact on the community in many ways. It allows people with power to falsely condemned people based on false stereotypes. This places dividing settlements between both the

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