Race And Housing Discrimination

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Aaron Denning
Dr. White
Race and Ethnicity
Housing Discrimination Housing discrimination a thing of the past? Many people would believe that housing discrimination doesn’t happen anymore. Housing discrimination still happens today and although it might not be as common, or spoken about it. Housing discrimination is anytime a minority is refused housing because of their race or ethnicity. Refusing housing doesn’t just mean an apartment or, house that someone wanted to buy, but influencing where someone lives entirely by steering them places most commonly, or denying loans. Housing discrimination can also occur after someone has already moved into their new place and the other residents of the complex or neighborhood could start harassing them. Housing discrimination also doesn’t just occur in one place in the country but, all over it. It can also surprise people who think they are moving into a forward thinking community to only find out that they are denied housing because, of how they look. Housing discrimination is no longer a thing of the past and needs to seriously looked at in today’s world and changed for the better. The history of housing discrimination starts all the way back during WWII, and begins to affect education and health of those affected. What most importantly needs to happen are reforms in how housing is sold and bought so that there is less human interaction in who makes decisions. Housing discrimination is different than what it use to be

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