Discrimination: Race and United States

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Nicholas Blount
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April 26, 2013
English 100
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Assimilating vs. Recognizing Ethnic Diversity As children grow up, they become the person they turn out to be because of experiences and the culture and society they grew up in. Nations are affected in the same sense because the people living in a nation affect how the nation is influenced and builds its character. Discrimination has been around for too long and needs to be dealt with. This act is not right, God is the only one who should be judging anyone. A different skin tone or race should mean nothing, everyone should be treated equal. African Americans still to this day, receive employment discrimination. More companies prefer to hire White
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“No one talked about the concept of cultural diversity as a mosaic or as a tapestry of multi-colored threads that when woven together created a vibrantly rich and textured fabric. “Real Americans” were white. “(147) Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston gives her audience an eye opening account of how The United States, a country which prides itself on its diversity, is filled with prejudice and discrimination wherever immigrants are concerned. Jeanne is a beast, she didn’t let anyone stop her from achieving her goals “Not even when I was told I should not continue with journalism major at San Jose State because I was ‘Oriental’ and a female. There were no jobs in the field. So I changed my major to social welfare. And when I was told again by the head of Juvenile Probation Services that they could not hire me as a probation officer because the community was not ‘ready’ for ‘Orientals,’ I did not protest”. Dealing with the same discrimination in my life I can fully relate to Jeanne, there really is nothing you can do but chalk it up and move on with life. I have been discriminated against because of the color of my skin my whole life. Sometimes people just hate me for no reason. Growing up I wasn’t picked or didn’t get the rewards I deserved all because of my skin tone. Its not my fault that I put in the work to be the best that I can be and those who didn’t got the reward just because they were white. It is so hard to please the
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