Race As A Social Construction

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Race is a concept only existing in societies with systems of oppression based on social racism. In chapter eleven: Inequality, they discuss how, “There is nothing intrinsic about, for example, any racial or ethnic group that makes it distinct from any other; race and ethnicity are dynamic, fluid categories that are socially defined”(Ritzer). The oppression of “superior” groups demonstrates on “inferior” groups is one consequence of race as a social construction, which is to have one’s identity reduced to that social marker. Chapter eleven speaks about how hegemony is now the new form of racism that isn’t imperialism. Personally, the experience I have with racism is xenophobia. Especially, in the media and how many people consider Muslims a “problem” the United States has. The chapter discusses genocide and ethnic cleansing, even though, there hasn’t been any military force in the United States against Muslims there has been harassment and discrimination. Many Muslims are constantly targeted and there is an onslaught of aggression and attacks in the media. Many people try to use laws to show that Muslims are unwanted. Alabama has just passed a constitutional amendment prohibiting foreign laws in their courts. This law is clearly discriminative and targeting Muslims and specifically Sharia law. These attacks are the reason my ethnicity is the only thing many people see. Even though, Muslim is not my race, it is still what many see when they view a brown person from the Middle

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