Race Discrimination Cases

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First, there is clear evidence that not all jurors are impartial, which makes it reasonable for an innocent person to fear the outcome of their trial. It’s a known fact that bias is inevitable, and it’s extremely difficult to set a bias aside when determining a verdict. Therefore, depending on someone's race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender, they could be fearful of the justice system. The existence of bias in the judicial system has been an ongoing issue for an extremely long time, and it’s still a problem today. After the horrific shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teen in Ferguson, Missouri, extensive research was carried out to prove the racial bias in the town. According to an article published by the New York Times, in the two years prior to the shooting, ninety-three percent of all arrests in the town were of people of color (…show more content…
Another example that could cause some to fear the justice system, even when innocent, is how judges are quick to dismiss cases of discrimination. In an article from the Washington Post, the author writes, “white federal judges are four times more likely to dismiss race discrimination cases outright… they are half as likely as black federal judges to rule in favor of people alleging racial harassment in the workplace”
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