Race, Gender And Age Discrimination

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Race, Gender and Age Discrimination in America America’s motto is based upon a strong belief of freedom and liberty for all, but does everyone truly receive these benefits? When looking in America’s past one sees that these perfect ideals are hardly met by historical records of discrimination and racism throughout the past. Although not as ambiguous, the following show that race, gender inequality and discrimination still pose issues in America’s culture and are prevalent in today’s society Most people in America identify themselves as multi racial-that is having more than one ethnicity in their biological make up “9.1 million people in the U.S. identify themselves as multiracial” (Pearson Education Ppt Ch 3 Slide 4, 2015). Known as the melting pot, America recognizes that the internal make up of the country comes from many different social entities. However, the Caucasian white people have been the social domination of American society. Going all the way back to the civil war, one can see the challenge of race matters that plague America. While leaps and bounds have been made since that historical period, racism still exists in today’s culture. Those specifically struggling are African Americans and Hispanic Americans. Since the civil rights movement in the 60s, many Black and under privileged minorities strived to make successful lives and live equally to the deemed well-off white people. However there still seems to be a glass ceiling for those in top positions and

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