Race, Gender, And Class

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How did race, gender or class evolve in America in economic and social terms? Was race or class most important in shaping Colonial America and how do they interact today? Has the very idea of 'Class ' become almost synonymous with race (or ethnicity)? I would like to begin my research about immigration from what is was back in the day until modern times. Immigrants play such an important role in American History. People from different countries arrive to “The New World”, searching for freedom, power, land, and a better life. It is a very interesting topic for me, since I immigrate to this country as well, searching for the American Dream just as anybody else. However, after so many years I always wonder, is it really worth it to sacrifice injustices and hate against immigrants, are we willing to leave everything behind, family, friends, and culture; I do not know the answer yet, but getting into history makes me realize we are here for a reason, and we are creating a new chapter in history. Immigration history really catch my total attention. learning more about American History makes me realize, how Immigration had not really change at all. “The New World” back in the day was a dream come truth for many immigrants, even though many of them arrive as indentured servants, they were people whom could not afford to pay their passage to the New World; however, they were willing to pay off, by working hard for several years until they pay off their debt.
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