Race, Religion, Social Class, And Ethnicity Essay

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How one does in school, one’s social ability, and one’s awareness of others are all guided by how an individual identifies. Identification with one’s gender, race, religion, social class, and ethnicity are all driving forces behind an individual’s future self. Identity is a crucial part of who you are, and in recent studies and experimentation researchers have been trying to identify new, untested factors that influence behavior in people. Although, in the past there hasn’t been a strong focus on the positive effects of race and ethnicity, the conversation is now shifting to align itself with the current times. With America becoming increasingly more ethnically and racially diverse, we must take the time to see how certain factors, specifically race and ethnicity, impact a person’s development and behavior in both positive and negative ways. Attributes and characteristics such as good academic standing, one’s well-being in terms of health, and one’s well-being in terms of self-esteem have all been the focus of studies focused on ethnic and racial identity.
Through the research of scholarly articles and publications, evidence has been found to show that the intersection of the racial and ethnic identity of an individual both shapes and affects their personal growth and development in childhood and adolescence (Rivas-Drake, et al.). According to French, et al., this has been a more recent conversation with racial preference being researched in the 1940’s and 1950’s using

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