Race and Poverty: The Power of White Privilege Essay examples

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The power of white privilege is something that quite frankly isn’t talked about enough but as a society many people believe that racism doesn’t exist. However, there is this unspoken advantage that whites are given called privilege, which is something that gives them a step ahead in society. Tim Wise talks about it in the video using specific examples to back up his point that white privilege is so prevalent and how others don’t even recognize that it is a serious issue. A study that was done in 2006, showed that out of 100 white people that were asked only 6% of those people thought that racial discrimination still existed in society. He also went on to mention that 2/3 of the white people who were alive during the civil right movement …show more content…

White families often don’t always spend their money but invest it, save it, buy houses that gain interest over the years to have different things to pass down to their kids from when they are getting situated in the real world after college. A lot of these white graduate students doing have to worry about paying bills and trying to make ends meet from month to month but can focus on interning at different companies without pay and build their resume for their future. These black students who have actually gotten over that color barrier and are being accepted into these top law schools cant afford to do unpaid internships and don’t have the assets but basically have to build them selves from the bottom up instead of having an unfair advantage from birth. These different white families set their children up so that they have a fresh start coming out of college. Worrying about having to pay back school loans is something that isn’t even an issue in most of the white community as college I just expected to get paid for by your parents. Sometimes these students who are becoming entrepreneurs are given the money and the recourses to start their own businesses. As a sophomore in college trying

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