Race in the Media

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Race in the media is a very sensitive issue now a days. When it comes to minorities we can still see that the media portrays us in a bad light. The image of blacks in the American media has changed over the past two decades with the civil rights movement, changes in attitudes towards minority groups, and increased sensitivity on the part of those who and project these images. An examination of the image of Blacks in the articles and advertisements to show attitudes subtly represented, and these attitudes can be linked to historical and social realities of the time. U.S. media is dedicated to the sale by advertising. The more targeted consumer advertising in the media is still the white consumer. Largely positive media representation of current blacks is welcomed by most white consumers, but the reason is. Incompatible with respect to how many white viewers respond to these representations, regardless of the content of the program impact. Positive representations of many blacks in the media are marketable because they assert it as non - racist and many white negative consumer attitudes toward blacks. Many viewers of crime stories activated stereotypes black laziness, leading to increased that blacks do not face structural limitations to success perception. Director Spike Lee explains that these images have negative impacts " In my neighborhood, we sought to athletes, guys who got the ladies, and intelligent people," said Lee. " If you're smart, you're called a white guy or

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