Race to the Kmart Parking Lot Essay

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Race to K-mart

No one in his or her right mind would think that K-mart parking lot is a great place to have fun for a day. Most people would wonder why my friends and I go there on Saturday and Sundays. Even though scheduling is sometimes a problem, the parking lot of K-mart is my favorite place because this is where my friends and I visit, enjoy good food, and drag race remote controlled cars.
Sometimes scheduling can be a main problem, and friends will decline for many reasons. Some of the people miss a day of work that week due to doctor’s appointment or a family emergency, so they have to make those days up on a weekend. At other times, their car might be broken down, and they need to fix it. If they do not have enough gas, they …show more content…

Next, we warm the cars up that are nitro along with tuning them to get maximum performance out of the engine. Now we are ready for the contest of a lifetime.
While the food and visiting are important, the most important reason why K-mart’s parking lot is my favorite place is that it provides a great space to drag race remote controlled cars. There we have about one thousand feet of distance across the parking lot. Everyone starts on one end of the parking lot and races down to the other side. Then the cars turn around and race back to where we started. Racing five cars down the straightaway side by side can be difficult. If one person loses control of his car, that individual can take out one or all of the others at the same time. The winner of that day has the bragging rights until the next day or until the next race day. This it what makes it fun to be at the Kmart parking lot on Saturdays and Sundays. There is a lot of trash talk that goes on during the whole day. We have had people run into the curbs light poles while car parts go flying through the air. Watching it happen is funny for everyone but for the individual wrecking. Rubbing their misfortune in their faces makes them mad and also makes them try to fix their car and get back into the race to see if they can win or wreck all of the other cars at the same time. Revenge is what makes this sport fun. Another humorous calamity is if someone’s car loses signal from the

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