Racial Discrimification And Racism In America

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Over the years there have been many efforts in America to attempt to resolve racial equality. Although these efforts are good ideas, they do not always work and have proven at times to make things worse. In the U.S., Confederate flags are still used in racist ways towards blacks, there is evidence of racist police brutality, and there are still believers of “white supremacy.” Recently, there have been rallies where individuals voice hateful, racist opinions. Racism is not over in America.
The Confederate Flag, a treasure to many whites in the South is from a battle that they will never forget. To others it is seen as a form of racism due to the KKK, or Ku Klux Klan, which adapted the flag as their own. Long ago, the Confederate flag was known as a battle flag used by many Southern Armies in the American Civil War. Later, in the 20th century the KKK adopted the flag, continuing their white supremacist campaign. Many consider the flag to be racist because it became a potent symbol of slavery and white supremacism over the years. “To many white Southerners, the flag is an emblem of regional heritage and pride. But to others, it has a starkly different meaning — representing racism, slavery, and the country’s long history of oppression of African Americans” (Smith, 6/24/15). People who support the flag for the soul reason that it represents their state positively from the Civil War era should not show the flags publicly because it is considered racist and disrespectful to black

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