Racial Equality

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Racial equality has been a major problem for hundreds of years. From the first slaves until today, African Americans have been through every stage of racial discrimination. This includes being treated like animals to being shot dead in the street because of the color of their skin. Although slavery was abolished in America in 1865, blacks and whites were and are still not equal until this day. After many years, laws were passed to keeps blacks on the bottom but mainly to keep whites and blacks separated. These laws are commonly known as Jim Crow laws. Just about everything you can imagine was segregated from water fountains to where you can sit or use the bathroom. Many protests happened, some helped and some just made it worse, but …show more content…

In the early and mid 1900’s the government said that it is unconstitutional and all men are created equal. But the way constitution read verses how the whites saw it made things very separate and not equal. So what that means is: you can’t say this person can’t do something because of their race or religion, they can be separate but still treated equal. So whites took advantage of this and open just about everything up for blacks but the stuff for blacks was rundown, they couldn’t sit at the bars, they had to sat in the back of everything, and if there was no more seats on the white side, the black person had to get up. Everything was split into whites only and coloreds only sections. Coloreds only sections were outdated, nasty, dirty, and rundown, while everything on the whites only side was up to par, fancy, and clean. If you were black and did anything on the whites side you would either be arrested, dragged out, beaten up by multiple white racists, or police would act like they are doing their job and look like they would arrest you but you would just be shot. The progress that African Americans have been making since slavery was abolished has been fueling so much more hate in whites. The KKK was a racist group of whites that would just kill innocent black people for no reason. There is a recording of

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