Racial Formation Theory

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The social construction of race is a topic that is worth discussing. In the United States the black/white color line has historically been rigidly defined and enforced. People have been stereotypical and afraid as long as I can remember. Labeling people as we think they should be based on the color of their skin or just thinking it’s in their biology so they must be this or they must be that. Race is socially constructed and is not a biological construct.

Racial formation theory is an analytical tool in sociology, developed by Michael Omi and Howard Winant, which is used to look at race as a socially constructed identity, where the content and importance of racial categories are determined by social, economic and political forces. Race has political, religious, and scientific components. Race can determine the treatment of certain individuals solely based on skin color, and can also determine the characteristics of a person associated with that skin color. Race is not synonymous with ethnicity or racism. Science and racism emerged during the 18th and 19th centuries as an attempt to justify the mistreatment of people of color, highlighting they are physiologically inferior to Europeans.

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What does this new technology of power, this biopolitics, this biopower that is beginning to establish itself, involve. A set of processes such as the the ratio of births to deaths, the rate of reproduction, the fertility of a population, and so on. It is these processes, the birth rate, the mortality rate, longevity, and so on together with a whole series of related economic and political

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