Racial Injustice And Profiling Within The United States

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Slavery was just the beginning of when racial injustice and profiling all started. The colored people were discriminated against, mistreated, beaten, and sold to plantations across the southern part of the United States. There was once a time and place in the United States when African Americans were known as colored people and the rest were white. This was when segregation and slavery received national recognition for being wrong. Back in the 1960’s, this was a time period where everyone was not treated equally. The white communities had more opportunities than the colored communities and everywhere they traveled, the colored people would have to use different facilities than the whites. There are different signs that distinguish colored people from white people. Such examples of this are: differing communities, sports team, and even water fountains. These acts were known as the Jim Crow Laws. Fast forward a few decades and now those ideas of unequal rights are put behind us all. There recently have been blasts from the past with law enforcement practices involving racial injustice and profiling around the United States. Lately, all over the world; there has been a serious issue with law enforcement officers taking improper/illegal actions of particular ethnic groups. Perhaps a way to stop racial profiling coming from law enforcement officers is to create an extra level of testing during training to expose their level of tolerance to particular ethnic groups as well as
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