Racial Mass Incarceration

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Racial Mass Incarceration

In modern time the United States is home to 2,193,798 incarcerated inmates. That is 645,300 people more than the second leading nation with mass incarceration. But the issue isn't about a person being caught for minor crimes or crimes in general, the problem is that police officers are mainly targeting minorities and throwing them in jail for minor crimes such as loitering. Some people see this mass incarceration of minorities as a threat to not only minorities but to a country full of injustice. And every president who has so-called try to help decline mass incarceration across the nation or to make our country great again have in fact made the situation worse than it was before. African Americans, Latinos, and Hispanics have always been targeted by police officers and only because of their skin color for looking “suspicious of having a weapon” but we can change that. We can have our police officers open their eyes and actually see who they're targeting and who really is the bad guy in this whole dilemma.
The United States is home and land of the free but in the land of the free 1 out of 4 people are in jail. Today the year 2017 there are 2.3 million prisoners in prison. 2.3 million people in jail imagine how much taxpayers have to spend every year to support the budget that each person has to sustain. The problem isn't the rise of crime, the problem is the injustice within the system and the injustice that the system gives back to its
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