Racial Profiling

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Racial profiling has become a major topic of debate between politicians, journalists, and even the public themselves. Some define this act of the police as a justifiable response of observing a suspicious character, but others see racial profiling as a way to discriminate against ethnic minorities. While racial profiling is highly favored by law enforcement to reduce crime, it accomplishes very little in the world of crime, and it conflicts with the relationship between the police and the community; therefore, the community must work together to put an end to racial profiling.
Racial profiling is still used as a resource to prevent criminal activity from happening, its origin possibly dating back to the post-Civil War era or even before that. In the present day, it has been modified for convenience through advancement in technology. Terrence McCoy tells about different applications used to connect various store vendors and their employees by placing them in a sort of virtual chat room where they can easily share details about suspicious characters. He reports, “an employee at Hu’s Wear surreptitiously snapped a photograph of a tall, elegantly dressed African American man wearing distressed jeans, a grey scarf, and a long brown coat” (McCoy 27). Being able to share this information so easily with the other store retailers suggests that racial profiling is adaptable to the different times. The accessibility allows for racial profiling to keep spreading as more and more

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