Racial Profiling Is Necessary For The Police Force And Civilians Of These Areas

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The world we live in is a world molded by the media. The media determines what you see and when you see it, because of this people 's opinions towards politics, celebrities or even law enforcement can be swayed to one side depending on the conditions. An example of this being racial profiling which, in the last few years has become a very touchy subject which most people can relate to in some way. Although people believe racial profiling is pure hate towards those of another race, many sources have shown minorities in certain areas have a high percentage of illegal weapons and drugs which is why in these areas racial profiling is necessary to protect the police force and civilians of these areas.
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The media contributes to 90 percent of these stereotypes (Geek). Like in the inner city African Americans are criticized for their actions, while the Latin Americans are blamed for most drug deals. Derogatory terms such as nigger and spic are all part of the racial profiling debacle (Harris).
Racial profiling has made its stamp in communities. On one side we have the bad where we tend to classify certain individuals into stereotypical groups. But on the other hand we have applications of racial profiling to help select certain minority groups for appropriate occupations and universities (Mccarthy). As former prosecutor, Andy McCarthy, took some terms of racial profiling into his own hand. He stated that “you can’t be an Islamist terrorist without being a Muslim, you can’t be the head of the Gambino Family without being Italian, and you can’t be a Mexican illegal alien without being a Mexican (Mccarthy).” Yes, his argument is up for debate but usually these are the people associated with the associated crimes. Coining certain people with specific crimes is the way our society works (Meeks). Conversely, one can look at it as from an educational standpoint. Are all brown people doctors, are all African Americans athletes? There is a good and bad to racial profiling. But it is up to the individual to correctly determine how she or she wants to define it.
One might wonder how racial profiling started. The term was first coined in the 1970’s while punishing

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