Racial Profiling

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Acts of injustice occurs all around the world. Many people are tight up upon their views and how they look at people, yet they need to realize that is incorrect. Depending on your race many people can show discomfort for the area they are at and can be scared. Society has trouble wrapping their heads around a person or group has other beliefs or traditions than their own. They then believe that because they don't have the same traditions or skin they begin to racial profile. Racial profiling is when one suspects or targets a person of a certain race based on a stereotype due to their skin. Each race has a stereotype from all of the other races. Due to what happened to the twin towers most of the American society believes that if you are a muslim that you are a terrorist when in reality they are just regular people with a different religion. Day to day they get harassed about their looks and joked about crudely. Another situation would be that people believe that African Americans can be bad people or that they are up to no good. Depending on the area they are in they get portrayed many different ways. Whether you are in the streets of Chicago or just in a small town. You see a lot on the news how the police wrongly accuse or brutally abuse black citizens. With being in college now in class we talked about how diverse this University. Everyday I see new people and never think of anything bad because they are different, but only think they are at college wanting to get a

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