Essay on Racial Profiling by Law Enforcement is Not Justified

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When we are children we are taught not to judge a book by its cover, for most of us this is easier said than done. Racial profiling is something that affects millions of people in the United States alone. Seemingly innocent people are being targeted solely by the color of their skin and their nationality. Whether racial profiling somebody is appropriate or not is a topic widely discussed by individuals everywhere. The question is however, is it right to judge somebody just because they look different then you? I think not. As a nation we grow up watching television shows and movies that instigate people of another race are bad or tend to get into more trouble. Whether it is an African- American man who is completing a drug deal in the …show more content…

They were completing an experiment in which three young Caucasian boys were seen vandalizing a vehicle in a busy park. The experiment was to see how much of a reaction these particular boys would get from people passing by and if anybody would step in or call the authorities. Only one person out of approximately thirty who witnessed the activities contacted the police. When the Caucasian boys were then replaced with those who were of African - American descent, nearly everybody jumped into action and confronted the boys in an attempt to stop them or they ended up calling the police. When the host appeared and asked if the reason the people witnessing the activity stepped in was because of the color of the skin, many of the bystanders stated they would have responded the same way regardless of the color of the teen’s skin. It’s interesting that’s not what the undercover camera crew captured.

One of the most frequent cases of racial profiling would have to take place in our nation’s airports. The airport security teams have a tendency of targeting those whose ethnic background is not of Caucasian descent. In recent years, you cannot even take a trip with your family without running the risk of having an obtrusive body scan or being patted down by a complete stranger if they are wary of your nationality. All while Little Johnny and Suzy Smith are welcome to continue on with their trip

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