Racial Profiling in the US

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OUTLINE Thesis: Historical hostility and the bias social and criminal justice system against the Black minority has been a major cause of obstacle in achieving a social status in United States. Introduction Problem Statement Literature Review Blacks and Slavery Blacks and the Social Justice System Blacks and Criminal Justice System Conclusion References RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION IN BLACK Introduction The story of A Raisin in the Sun is fundamentally concerning visions, as the major characters struggle to deal with the domineering condition that is ruling their life. The name of the play recommendation an assumption that Langston Hughes distinctively posed in a poem he compose concerning visions that were forgotten or postpone. He speculates whether those dreams shrink up "like a raisin in the sun." each associate of the Younger family has been divided, each one vision Beneatha desires to be a doctor, for instance, and Walter desires to have money so that he can give material things to his folks. The Younger's exert more effort to reach these dreams during the play, and much of their delight and despair is straightly connected to their achievement of, or failure to achieve, these dreams. In the last part of the play, they found out that the dream of a home is the most significant vision as its bonds the family. The role of Mr. Lindner created the idea of national discrimination that is important in the plan as a topic that the Younger's can't pass up. The

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