Racial Racism : Black And White Americans

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There are many layers to American racism. I will break it down to 3 layers and explain the consequences these types of racism have. The first lay is historical racism. Historical racism is what most stereotypes what racism is suppose to be. In this category you would think of things such as lynching, the enslaved people working the fields, use of the word nigger, segregation and Jim Crow laws but that isn’t even the start of it. The first step to successfully enslave a people is to “keep the mind and take the body”. Europeans in America would go about doing this by use of torture, physical and sexual abuse. While today’s American racism isn’t so obvious or physically brutal as most think the outcome is still the same.
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It is this reasoning that Professor Steele says makes the gap not the test racially biased. He believes that the test is a “racially fair and neutral test” but I have to disagree because another psychologist Dr.Umar Johnson has explained why there are biased tests for example the IQ test he breaks down into 4 categories, processing speed, working memory, non-verbal reasoning and verbal comprehension. He says the first three are in fact unbiased but the verbal comprehension scale which is where most Black children fail is racially biased because of terminology and vocabulary. The verbal comprehension scale uses words that most Black people do not use. I’ll give an example of something my Grandmother told me about testing that she did as a child she remembered the state test asking what a vestibule was. She had never used this word and never heard it at home or in school but she said it sounded like a car so she said it was a car. A vestibule is synonymous to a hallway, lobby, foyer, porch and waiting room. The system of American racism sets Black people up to fail strategically from every angle.
Another example of systematic racism is the war on drugs campaign. The judicial system purposely targets black communities for drugs but know that black people don 't even have the resources to get drug shipment or

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