Racis And Racism

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Racism. The problem Pepsi surprisingly failed to solve. More specifically I’m going to discuss school segregation. It turns out, it is still a big problem. Even as our society has grown more diverse, nearly 7,000 schools have the racial makeup as the attendance of your average Tyler Perry movie. Now, at this point, if you’re in a city like New York, you’re probably thinking, “Oh splendid. I know exactly where this is going. A story villafying the backwards and racist American south.” Well hold on. There is something that you should probably know. According to the UCLA Civil Rights Project, the south is the least segregated region for African American students. In fact, New York state is now the most segregated system in America. In large part, due to New York City. It would still be problematic even if these schools were roughly equivalent academically as that would still be a violation of the principal of Brown v. Board of Education that “Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal.” But in practice, they are very rarely equal in any way. Black and Latino children are more likely to attend schools with a higher concentration of inexperienced teachers, which are then less likely to offer college-prep curriculum. On top of which, because race and class are inextricably linked, those students are two times as likely to be in high-poverty schools.
And while there are teachers and students are working incredibly hard in those places, they are doing so with fewer

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