Racism And Discrimination In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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In the town of Maycomb, racism and injustice prevailed. As whites were prioritized over blacks, people such as Tom Robinson, Calpurnia, and the colored men from the church were segregated and marginalized by the society. Bob Ewell and Ms. Alexandra were two people who took advantage of the continuous race alienation around Maycomb. The Townspeople hid their true feelings about racism to feel included because the judge and the Townspeople discriminate for their own self-satisfaction. The people in Maycomb purposely prioritized the white’s over black’s. Tom Robinson is one of the most Influential characters who displayed a valuable act and has proven Maycomb’s unnecessary treatment towards colored people. Tom was criticized and bullied during his trial in the court; he was defending his innocence against the impractical accusations of Mayella Ewell. His Arguments were completely reasonable, but unfortunately, biases were centered to one side of the trial. Tom tried to escape prison, but his actions were easily misconceived; “To Maycomb, Tom’s death was typical. Typical for a nigger to cut and run.” (Lee 322). Tom acted out of instinct and stupidity; however, he exhibited a valuable lesson that Innocence can never be gained by acceptance. Furthermore, the church was also a victim of race discrimination and was completely segregated from the community. Rather than spending their tithes for Hymn books and infrastructure, they spend the money for those in need. The town ignored

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