Racism And Racial Discrimination

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Frank Nucera, Jr., is a former New Jersey police chief, of the predominately white town Bordentown Township, was arrested and charged by federal authorities for committing a hate crime and violating an 18 year old African-American male's civil rights for using excessive force during an arrest. The Acting Federal Prosecutor, William Fitzpatrick, stated Nucera harbors intense racial animosity and a senseless hatred for African-Americans and dishonored the profession of police officers. This nation is reeling from a series of high-profile police shootings involving people of color and racial bias is the reason police officers interact differently with whites and people of color. It is crucial to address how racist ideologies were woven into the fabric of American culture which link directly to slavery and lay the foundation for racism in this country. Racial bias plays a pivotal role and defines the differences in human behavior which vastly affects America's law enforcement communities. It is imperative to resolve the crisis and restore trust between police officers and the communities in which they serve. The

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