Racism And Racism

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The United States has always been the melting pot of the world; its population being one of mixed race since its very beginning. Such diversity however, birthed discrimination, racism, and oppression towards people who did not bear features like those of the European colonizers. Almost five hundred years later, the inequality survives with too many people unaware of its endurement. Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott, a African American rapper more commonly known as Joey BadA$$ took notice of the evident injustice still present in America and turned towards music to deliver his enraged message. In 2017, Bada$$ released his sophomore album, ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$, where he spoke out against the corrupt political and economic system of the country in addition to tackling inequality and denouncing the government. In his final song of the album, “AMERIKKKAN IDOL”, Bada$$ prompts listeners to question the explicitly racist government system and take action against the country’s oppressive racial maltreatment as to prevent society from growing even more unjust than it already is. Bada$$ brilliantly incorporates the lives of African Americans into the song by using repetition to show exactly how minorities do not have a sufficient voice in this country. He demonstrates his hatred towards government leaders by repeating, “I’m out for dead presidents to represent me / Dead fuckin’ presidents to represent me / I’m out for dead presidents to represent me / Because I’ve never known a live one

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