Racism And Racism : Singapore

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Florida Gulf Coast University Xenophobia and Racism in Singapore Country: Singapore Dexter Moore Into to Comparative Politics CPO 2001 Dr. Vanja Petričević April 14, 2015 In modern day Singapore, xenophobia and racism are major issues. Singapore’s Government has been under deep criticism for years by the minority parties and a substantial amount of the population. Jobs in Singapore have increased on a drastic scale, as a result a massive migration of foreign workers into their workplace. Due to cultural biases, the result of the mass immigrations, legislature, work situations, events in other countries, have increased the xenophobia throughout Singapore. As the tensions have increased several ethnic and socio-economic groups have had varied responses and a few have been extremely notable. Singapore’s government has several solutions, some have been considered and some have not been mentioned but would easily be implemented and could gradually solve the problem. One solution that has received a lot of criticism is the Population White Paper Act. The Population White Paper Act calls for an increase in the number of foreign workers so as to provide balance between the number of skilled and less-skilled workers, as well as provide healthcare and domestic services. It also claimed that foreign workers help businesses thrive when the economy is good (Parti). Projecting that by 2030 the ratio of the Singaporean population would drastically shrink to barely over half

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