Racism And Sexism : A More Serious Issue Than Sexism

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Racism and sexism are terms that have been debatable for centuries. Many argue that there is not a difference between the two. Some feel as though racism is a more serious issue than sexism and vice versa. From my perspective, racism and sexism are different, but have equal relevance in society. One factor that makes the two equal is discrimination. Racism is discrimination based on differences in color while sexism is discrimination based on gender. Racism is the belief that members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to another race to classify them as inferior or superior. Sexism is prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination on the basis of sex, which is typically shown towards women. During the slave era, racism was not the only problem black women faced, they were confronted with sexism as well. Elise McDougald and Frances M. Beale are two activist women who shared their perspective on society’s view of black women. Elise Johnson McDougald was an educator and activist who wrote one of the earliest explorations on how gender influences the experiences of both race and class (McDougald, 1925). In her writing, “The Struggle of Women for Sex and Race Emancipation”, McDougald said that society is right about black women, just not all black women. It seems as though she loses respect for her own race. She also feels that black women of a lower class act as a disadvantage for the black race. According to McDougald, black women should be separated into…

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