Racism And Social Discrimination Essay

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Prejudice racism and social inequality were some of the leading causes during the civil rights movement in the 1960s. This time period consisted of lynching, segregation, and many more injustices that paved the way for the rights Africans have today. Society believed and conformed to the idea that African Americans were not equal and did not reserve the same rights as other races. African Americans made process from slavery but still had a long way to go to be seen as equal. Although the obstacles that African Americans were facing at the time led them to have no hope for equal equality the action and bravery of others in due time made a change. In this document, I will be analyzing the sources “Martin Luther King, Jr. Letter from a…show more content…
Martin Luther King bought courage to others and bought light to the injustice things that were going on around him. In the second document, “John F. Kennedy, Televised Address Promoting the Civil Rights Act” the civil rights movement and putting segregation to an end was at it peak. President Kennedy was no longer avoiding addressing the issue of racial equality and decided to denounce segregation on national television where he called for congress to pass laws for what would later be known as the Civil Rights Act of 1964. President Kennedy addressed the situation where two black boys were trying to apply to the University of Alabama and the Governor of Alabama and National Guard troops held them up from registering for about 3-4 hours. This incident was only half as bad as the other injustices that had been going on for the last 2 years of Kennedy being in office and enough was enough. This source would be seen to beneficial to society at the time because the president of the United States stepping up and not only just talking about fixing racial equality but actually using his platform to do something about the issues is one of the reasons why are able to do some of the things we do today. Kennedy was one of the few white men who had the courage to say enough is enough and even though he was assassinated because of his actions things definitely started to look brighter for African Americans. Additionally, picking these sources they were quite similar in their own
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