Racism And The United States

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Most countries would say that the United States does not have a culture, but it is actually the opposite. There are so many cultures the United States harbors that we cannot choose just one culture as our flag. Most of them are borrowed from other countries via immigrants but there is one culture specific to the United States. Black Culture is unique to the United States, and it is faced with its possible destruction. The problem is prevalent enough to spawn TV shows and movies that discuss such issues. White people say black people are reversing racial progress, or they are racist towards white people. In reality, black people are trying to preserve their culture to the point of segregation and white people say that racism is dead but then proceed to act on stereotypes, so who is really at fault? In the year 2014, there were two major pieces of entertainment that depict the black viewpoint. Those being a film called Dear White People and a television show called Black-ish. Even though both of them are of a comedic nature, they come from a place of sincere concern. Dear White People is a social satire that follows four black students at a fictitious Ivy League college. In the movie, the subjects make it their prerogative to tackle the issue of race at their school. More specifically, have a residence hall where non-residents, mostly white people, are not welcome, preserving their culture in doing so. They feel that their culture is being infringed upon and taken advantage

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