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Understanding how to act with regards to certain circumstances and topics in today’s society is an immense moral dilemma. The moral dilemma that comes with action is often subconscious, though. Everyone has an idea of what is right and wrong, and everyone has an opinion on a particular subject due to past experiences and one’s core beliefs, and thus, people often react subconsciously to certain events in society. Essentially, people will act with respect to what they already know. This concept is prominent when dealing with the issue of racism in society. Everyone has their own take and perspective on racism due to their past encounters with it, and because everyone has a different perspective, the topic of racism is a very sensitive subject. Before racism can be dealt with, though, one must understand who they are and what they know, before acting upon it. One’s perspective and racism go hand-in-hand with one another. A young black American male from Chicago is going to have a completely different outlook on racism compared to a police officer or a child or a young white American male from the suburbs. It’s all about one’s perspective, and understanding how to react based on what one knows. Empathizing with one another and sharing perspectives is key to help spread ideas and awareness of how much of a problem racism still is. In the book Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, racism in America is the main theme of the book. Coates was a black American male that

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