Racism, Feminism, And Sexism

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We 've all heard it and seen it before, the many opinions and large voices that speak out on important matters. But, do we ever consider the true meaning on these important matters, or do we tend to listen to everyone else 's thoughts to form our own? Racism, feminism and sexism are all three very common issues that many seen throughout the news stations and the media. We all talk about how important making a change and standing up for what is right, but no one speaks up or says anything when a topic like these three are becoming more relevant, that is until recently. The world is always evolving and within the past few months we have been able to witness the words and actions of those around us increase. The amounts of stories, riots, and …show more content…

My husband and I met over five years ago when he arrived at West Virginia University as a transfer student from the Middle East. Like I stated, we have been together for five years and still to this day, the amount of looks and comments we receive is unbelievable. My own grandfather, who is a pastor, talks about my relationship and puts thoughts into my family 's mind on how my husband will treat me with no respect and force me to become something I am not. My Grandfather has never met my husband before, but continues to share these rumors in hopes that I will decide leave him. Another example would be when I am out and I have to give my name and my husband 's name, I always get the response, "Yeah, I can see why you didn 't take his last name". Individuals assume that I did not take my husband 's last name because of the length and the unfamiliar sound of it, but it is actually a part of his culture for women to keep their own last name. I had thought we lived in a day in age where all types of races became accepted, but I was very wrong. My husband treats me better than anyone in this world has and to think that people would judge him based on his skin color and for his religious beliefs is ridiculous. Racism is very much still around and having experienced it myself, it can make anyone feel degraded and less of a human being. I will always fight for equal race and I hope one day we

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