Racism In Racism

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Looking in the rear-view mirror seeing red, white, and blue isn't supposed to create the overwhelming sensation of fear. Going to find a job but coming back home to no avail, it shouldn’t be that hard, right? Walking past people and having them clutch their belonging a little tighter, having them feel like at any moment they're about to be attacked, robbed or mugged. This is the kind of things blacks have to face in America. Separated for so long, blacks are seen as a animal being integrated into society. Police feel a need to control them, government feels a need to imprison them, and people feel a need to fear them. Racism and discrimination have grown into a terrifying plague, that’s just too hard to see the light in the end tunnels. Segregation ended in 1964. but how come we are all still so divided?

To start off, Let's talk about the atrocity blacks are facing with the police right now. Just to throw some names out there Eric Garner, Micheal Brown, Walter Scott and Freddi Scott. All black men who was treated like something less of humans and each situation ended with their death. They were all regular men who were treated unjust and suffered a devastating fate. Eric Garner for instance, police took his apprehension to the extreme and unfortunately ended with him dying. Police placed him in a choke hold while trying to arrest and restrain him, but had an excessive tight grip around his neck. Garner continuously shouted, "I can't breathe! I can't breathe!". Any normal

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