Racism In Racism

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In parallel, this forcefully movement of people from “uncivilized locations” to be slaves in the civilized modernized countries, echoes how the United States treated the Native Americans. With unjust treatment and transportation death rates, there was a serious threat to the near elimination of vast cultures.
Historically, slavery’s association with inferiority came from losses in battles of war or as a way to repay debts. It was not until the Europeans introduced the idea of permanent slavery based primarily on race, that race became tied to slavery. This new front of dehumanized slavery also meant that people received a perpetual chain if they were merely born into it. Because this stilted view on slavery has resisted change, it explains why racism is still an issue in the United States. Signs of this prominent issue appear on news headliners in forms of police brutality and corruption and unfair treatment in criminal justice systems. Through the work force, without a surprise, a black man will make a fraction of what a white man would make doing the exact same job. Prior to the civil rights movement, education was not equal through means of segregation. Segregated schooling formulates a cycle of poverty—if people do not attain the proper education to equip themselves for success in an already strenuous work force, the chances of attain a high paying job are extremely low.
Having that said, it is also important to note that progress has been made in racism. The

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