Racism Or Ethnicity Should Not Define How People Should Be Treated

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I feel that racism or ethnicity should not define how people should be treated. When Hitler decided to segregate Jews and other ethnicities just because we were different from others, the Holocaust was created. Once it occurred, massive amounts of threats and murders were at stake. Unfortunately, I am one of these people. The Holocaust was a mass murder of about 6 million Jews during World War 2 by the German Nazi regime. The Nazi Regime believed that the Jews were a threat to Germany. To eliminate the threat, Adolf Hitler wanted all Jews out of Germany. Other countries did not want any more Jews to enter their countries so they forbidden immigration. Hitler wanted all Jews in countries that he rules to move to designated cities. Jews lived in closed areas, also known as ghettos. In ghettos, Jews lived under terrible conditions. Some Jews were also required to do work for the German Reich. The Nazis prevented people from leaving the ghettos by enclosing them with barbed wire and stone walls. In the ghettos, diseases spread very quickly. Everyone was close to each other. The people living in the ghettos were always hungry. The Germans tried to starve them. During the winter, no one had warm clothes and there was a lack of heat. Thousands of people living in the ghettos died from diseases, hunger, or the cold. Children snuck out for food. Many children became orphans. Us Jews did not die quickly enough and Hitler was aggravated. He was becoming impatient and created a plan

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