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In the article, “Racism is real, race is not,” the author Adam Hochman argues that while racism is a very real and terrible system within our global society, the concept of race is not real and cannot be proven as such either biologically or socially speaking. Hochman states that though racism has emerged from the categorization of populations based upon physical attributes, race itself does not truly exist. Furthermore, he purports that race has no biological foundation; though most people believe race is biological in nature, the truth remains that biological differences among humans are too small to be of any real significance. Socially, Hochman argues, the idea of race is merely a construct created by man’s erroneous notion that …show more content…

Once again, the reader is not completely convinced by the arguments within the article. Additionally, Hochman rests on a subjective statement regarding human biological diversity to prove his point when he writes that ‘our biological diversity is too small […] for race to be real” (Hochman). Whether or not these distinctions between racial groups are large or small, the fact that they exist at all is significant in proving just the opposite of the article’s objective. In fact, this statement seems to solidify evidence to the contrary of Hochman’s proposition, and upholds the fact that the biological distinctions among humans result in racial groupings. All said, the article is ineffective in disproving the biological context of race among humans, mainly due to weak evidence that is highly subjective in nature. Hochman continues to argue that race does not exist even in the social sphere. He asserts that while racism is real, it has no foundation in reality simply because racial constructs are false to begin with. This perspective can easily be refuted. If race is a social construct, that does not invalidate the concept altogether. Most of human history and culture is a web of social constructs, from our idea of a family, to gender, to democracy, and the fact that these are human constructions does not necessarily prove their inexistence. When it comes to race, man may have conceptualized racial groups but these groups

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