Racism on College Campuses

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The main aim of this research paper is to directly observe and examine the way American College students perceive the notion of race on college campuses and how they believe it can be used to a persons advantage or disadvantage. I used two different kinds of research in this paper; interviews among 4 students from 4 different universities across the United States to provide a deep and personal understanding of the topic and by surveying in an open-ended questionnaire 10 American students from Auburn University in Alabama to provide a more general and statistical analysis. These two methods supported my thesis with strong evidence and background information. I found that all the interviewees unanimously believed in the figurative
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This image therefore suggests that Obama is reckless in the way he ‘uses’ race. He ‘cashes it in’ when he feels like he can use his race to his advantage. The irony of this is that both the connotations of a con and a Mastercard are associated with a powerful and strong type of person. Although Obama may ‘play the race card’ or use it recklessly, he is never the less dominant and powerful. Overall, this image holds a negative perception or viewpoint of Obama, and therefore by extension any racial person, especially one whom ‘uses the race card’.

Similarly, my research has led me to a website called Controversial Cards (www.controversialcards.com), where people can buy a ‘race card’ for personal use. I became accustomed to this website when an interviewee explained that while at a party, somebody pulled out this card as a ‘joke’ or ‘party favor’. The image is shown in Figure 2. The website claims “The ‘race card’ was created to open eyes, spark conversation and break down race barriers in America. It pokes fun of those who try to use the card for unfair advantage. It also helps to expose the shameless race-baiters and professional "victims" who see racial problems under every rock.” This highlights the ‘unfair advantage’ that being racially or ethnically diverse can ‘allow’ somebody an advantage, which is parallel to the thoughts and feelings of many people that I have interviewed on this topic. Like the card in Figure
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