Radiation : Causes And Effects

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The topic of my research paper is radiation caused illness and I chose this topic because of the radiation leak in Fukushima, Japan due to the massive earthquake and tsunami. Nearly 20,000 people were killed by the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Although there were no deaths connected with the radiation leak, there is much concern over its long-term effects. I was eager to find out how the radiation leak would affect the citizens in that area over a period of time. Radiation injury is interesting to me because I am half Japanese and have relatives living in these areas. The fear of what will happen to my relatives and the people who have been exposed to radiation greatly sparked my interest and curiosity in this topic. My first component includes the general overview of what radiation illness is and what can potentially cause radiation illness. In the world around us, we experience radiation on a daily basis. Simply put, radiation is the energy emitted as electromagnetic waves. However, the energy levels of these waves vary significantly in the electromagnetic spectrum from radio waves to gamma rays. Radiation is known to be ionizing if it has enough energy to displace electrons that are part of an atom (US NLM 2008 )2. When the body is damaged by ionizing radiation, it is known as radiation injury or illness. There are many different sources of radiation, some forms are basically harmless while other forms carry immense energy which can cause damage when they come
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