Radiologic Technologist Admissions Essay

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One of the lessons that l have learned in life is that learning, growing, and improving never ends. It is the purpose of life. For me, leaving my major and going back to school to become a Radiologic Technologist was one of the biggest and most important decisions of my life. However, I was looking for a positive change in my career. I wanted to do something that I enjoy doing, and that would open doors to professional advancement and further career opportunities for me. Working in environments where I constantly interacted with others for the last several years made me realize that interacting with and helping other people is much more enjoyable to me than sitting behind a computer and dealing with papers and numbers. After considering a lot of deciding …show more content…

Time is going by so fast that I cannot believe the second semester is coming to an end, but on the other hand, I am very happy and proud of how well we are all doing. The program has been very intense but equally rewarding. Our instructors are always there for us, teaching us, challenging us, supporting us, listening to us, encouraging us, and always remaining dedicated to our success as students and our futures in the field. I also love working in our clinical sites. I enjoy being able to serve patients and offer them medical care as well as relief, comfort, and positivity. Taking x-rays and reviewing and critiquing my images is not only educational but also interesting for me. Every patient is different, and every exam is a unique experience. My goal is to always take the best diagnostic images while collimating close to the anatomy of interest, exposing the patients as little as possible, protecting them and their family members or any personnel involved in the case from unnecessary radiation, and having the lowest repeat rate possible. I am still in the process of learning how to achieve this goal, but I feel happy about my current performance and

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