Radiology Career Research Paper

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It wasn’t until my senior year in high school when I realized that I needed to decide what to choose as a career field in which I actually had an interest in pursuing. My aunt handed me a bunch of pamphlets that dealt with a variety of different career types: business, criminal justice, education, etc. That was when I came across the healthcare field. I have always loved being able to help others as much as I am able to. There were plenty of field’s that sounded interesting but that’s when I came across the one that I was eager to begin my college career on. Radiology is a type of medical science that deals with the study of x-rays and radiation. A person that is educated in the field is usually known as a radiographer or a radiology technician. A radiologic technician is …show more content…

With most medical language career fields, it involves the ability to read and listen, thinking and analyzing, spelling properly and being able to pronounce medical terms properly. Along with the basic understanding of the medical language, you must also have compassion for others, dependability, and flexibility in the work place. To be eligible for the program, you must be at least eighteen years old and a student of Tallahassee Community College. You also have to complete all the prerequisites courses that the program requires you to finish before applying. The last step before having a complete application is the completion of the HESI-A2 test. After you complete all the steps for the application process you are able to turn in your application. The Radiology program at TCC only accepts in the Spring semesters. Training that is required for entry into the profession includes the study and completion of the program resulting in an Associate of Science degree. After studying in the program, you have the proper experience in clinical practices. Most programs are usually completed within two to three years depending on the

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