Job Aspests of Anesthesiologists, Radiologists, and Physician's Assistants

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What three jobs interest me? Personally I’m interested in being a Radiologist of course, but I’m also intrigued with being an Anesthesiologist or a physician’s assistant. During this mini research project I will be discussing general core requirements, and just general aspects of the job itself. For instance the salary for each of the profession and expected job prospects. The medical field is quite vast in its selection of job careers even within the same job you can be many different titles while doing the same thing. One of the careers I had chosen was to be a radiologist. Radiologists are physicians who use cutting-edge imaging technology to examine organs and tissues inside the body in gentle, noninvasive ways. Their expertise in …show more content…

Granted when you look for a career you also have to think about job outlook. For the field in radiology there are plenty of job openings and even a shortage in specialist for this field. Now there is training involved to become a radiologist you have to go to medical school, then apply for a residency which can last between 1-3 years. Also state licensure is mandatory for all practicing physicians including radiologists. In the year 2013 government mandated the requirement for passage of a two part examination covering medicine, anatomy, imaging modalities and physics. Another career I am interested in is the field of Anesthesiology. To become an anesthesiologist there are several course that are required as prerequisites such as calculus, general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, and physics. As well as completing a bachelor’s degree. Then after completing the four year bachelor’s degree medical school is required to further on in this career. After medical school, a physician choosing anesthesiology as his or her specialty completes a year of internship and then three years of residency. Some anesthesiologists choose to specialize in pain management, as opposed to traditional surgical anesthesia. Pain management anesthesiologists generally run an office-based practice, administering a variety of injections, pain blocks, and medications to help patients manage chronic or

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