Rainforest: A Fictional Narrative

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"Papa, I think they must have gotten lost." "I'm sure they aren't lost, son. Edmund knows the forest like the back of his hand." Rupert placed the cured slab of meat on the bench, next to the vegetables fresh from their garden that he'd already chopped in preparation for dinner, and turned to his youngest boy, who stood at the front entrance. "They've been gone for hours, it's almost morning." More than a slight exaggeration. "What if they need help?" The boy jumped from foot to foot, and his next words were spoken with downcast eyes, and in a whisper." It doesn't take that long to bathe." Ah, there it was the real reason. Jealousy. "Edmund is capable of looking out for himself, Son." One of Walt's legs slipped out the door. "Slint could have snuck up and hit him over the head. I'm going to see if they're okay." Walt's second leg was now out the door. "No. Stay here" "Sorry Papa." "WALTERRRRRRRRR" Rupert dropped the …show more content…

He grinned as he broke the kiss to peck the tip of her nose, and his fingers roamed her body. "Papa doesn't get mad often, not really, it's just pretend angry, and Walt causes all the trouble, not I." The elder boy shot her a wink, then pulled back and hesitantly asked the question. Edmund Bear had never felt so content, yet unsure, in his life as he scanned Goldie's features for her reaction. It was an unfamiliar, and strange, sensation. The gorgeous young woman in his arms was a delight to kiss and hold, ever so easy on the eyes, and her voice so sweet. He wanted more, and usually would have pressed the matter to achieve his desired end. However, on this occasion, all he could do was to lightly caress her skin, and look at Goldie with his eyes wide open, and a hopeful expression on his face. One which soon changed to disappointment at her response. "It's okay." Edmund muttered softly, and stared down at the water between them. He remained like that for a moment or two, then he gathered himself, and lifted his

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