Raising The Minimum Wage

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In 1938, President Roosevelt signed the Fair Labor Standards Act also known as FLSA. This act shielded workers in the United States from being misused and introduced the first federal minimum wage: 25 cents per hour. Since FLSA was created, every few years, Congress revise it to account for inflation. Currently, in the United States, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. Millions of people in the United States are either living in poverty or debt. Some of these people also have families to take care of and living on the minimum wage is not enough. People argue that raising the minimum wage would hurt businesses, force companies to close, and create competition for jobs. Despite this, it is necessary for the federal minimum wage to increase to boost the economy and help millions of individuals struggling in poverty.
The main reason why people do not want to raise the minimum wage is that they believe raising it would result in a higher unemployment rate and it will increase the expense of hiring inexperienced people. New minimum wage job positions give young people an experience on how the real world is like, and it makes them learn skills to become more constructive, and if the minimum wage increased, it would be challenging for them to find a job. Economists argue that “young people would be harmed the most by increasing the minimum wage. Almost half of minimum wage workers are under 25, and 19 percent are teens. This group’s unemployment rate is already higher than

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