Ralph And Jack's Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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I believe that Ralph is the best possible leader for the group of boys. I think that Ralph would definitely be a better option compared to Jack as well as all the other boys. Jack has a very rude and aggressive personality. Jack is also more controlling and only likes things to be done his way. Jack shows this side or his personality when he leaves the group because he does not like and agree with the way Jack was running the group(93). The way that Jack runs his small group turns into more of a dictatorship. He becomes very controlling of his group. Unlike Jack, Ralph runs his group by being more communicative. Ralph’s personality shows to be more kind and understanding than Jack’s. Ralph is more for listening to what others want. He shows this near the beginning of the book during voting when he offers Jack as being a leader as well because that is what Jack’s group wanted(23). This action shows how he is more open to ideas from all the boys and tries to do a little of what everyone wants. …show more content…

I believe this does not make a good leader. I think that Jack controlling the group of young boys would cause a lot of disaster and chaos among the group. Jack only wants to have fun and mess around where as Ralph is more serious and wants to get done what needs to be done. This shown when Ralph was trying to get the shelters made and wanted help from Jack and his boys but they were too concerned with hunting and messing around to help(51). Also towards the end of the book when Jack breaks away from Ralph, that is when everything turns into a disaster. In the end Jack takes control of his own group and they go savage. Piggie ends up dead because of their recklessness and

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