Ralph Waldo Emerson Rhetorical Devices

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The Rhetorical Analysis of Education by Ralph Waldo Emerson As one of America’s most influential thinkers and writers, Ralph Waldo Emerson delivers Education that changed the way that student’s potential was seen. Emerson rhetorically proves his claims with appropriate use of structure, rhetorical appeals, mood, tone, and use of analogies. He uses these rhetorical strategies in order to illuminate the strengths of education and how to appropriately prepare then for their futures. Emerson tries to reach teachers, students, and educated adults in this essay in hopes of persuading the audience to see this revolutionary way of teaching and preparing students for the real world. In Emerson’s Education, rhetorical devices enhance not only the arguments, but also the professionality and tone of the paper. As Ralph Waldo Emerson begins his first body paragraph, he is very direct and clear about his views and the purpose. His first sentence, begins with the words, “I believe that. . .” (Emerson 1). In doing this, he establishes his credibility, which is often used in an oral presentation using Aristotelian structure. Because Emerson was known as a famous lecturer, this use of direct address to the audience is rhetorically strong. As well as his direct phrases, Emerson utilizes the strengths of short sentence structure. In the end of the introductory paragraph, Emerson maintains a direct connection using, “Respect the child. Be not too much his parent. Trespass not on his solitude” (1). In doing so, Ralph constructs a mood of harshness and abrupt statements that allow his sentences to convey much more meaning than if they all had the same structure. As well as accentuating on his short sentences, Emerson skillfully utilizes his long sentences. With the diversity of his structure, each type conveys a different purpose. These allow for Emerson’s article to be regarded as a more in depth analysis of education.
Emerson conveys a certain mood throughout his article, yet he is successfully able to change it as needed. He does this in many ways, but the most prominent way in paragraph 8 is the ending of his sentences. He starts with “The whole theory of the school is on the nurse’s or mother’s knee. The child is as hot to
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