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Ransomware Ransomware is a type of malware that limits access to a computer system that it affects. Just as its name goes, it then asks for ransom payment to pay to its creator in order for the limitation to be taken away. Some of these malwares encrypt files on the hard drive while others just lock up the system and display messages persuading the user to pay the ransom (Michael). There are two types of ransomware, one that locks the screen and displays a message that prevents you from accessing the computer, and the other that encrypts files on a systems hard drive and prevents one from opening them (Blue). The first known ransomware was written by Joseph Popp in 1989 and was known as PC Cyborg or “AIDS.” This…show more content…
This file encryption only works with certain documents that have particular extensions including Microsoft office and open documents. The computer then displays a message that the files have been encrypted and the user needs to pay a certain amount of money for the files to be decrypted. The operators of CryptoLocker started an online service in November 2013 allowing victims to get buy the key online after the expiry of the deadline (Mark). The victims were required to upload a sample of the infected file and wait for the key to be generated after they paid the ransom. If the deadline had elapsed, then the victim would have to pay more money (Blue). Files that have been encrypted by CryptoLocker are very hard to break. Experts advised the victims not to pay any money even if they did not come up with any solution for them to recover their files. It was however unfortunate that paying the ransom did not always guarantee that the files were decrypted. The people who were responsible for this malware did not always assure the victims that they were going to decrypt the files (McMillan). CryptoLocker was isolated in June 2014 through an operation known as Operation Tovar. This operation enabled the security firm to obtain the database of private keys that were used by the CryptoLocker and used an online platform for victims that were affected to obtain the private keys. In August 2014,
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